Chinchilla Health

Chinchillas are hardy creatures, but like any animal, they do occasionally fall prey to certain ailments, illnesses and diseases.

Scrupulous hygiene, and a good balanced, high-fibre diet do go a long way in preventing illness and disease - as prevention is far better than cure, in many cases.

It is the intention of the health articles on Azure Chinchillas to provide very basic and brief symptomatic guides to spotting some of the more common ailments. Please the the drop down menu at the top of the screen (headed "Chinchilla Health") for information on chinchilla illnesses, diseases, medical kit contents, dealign with shock, quarantining chinchillas, keeping chinchillas cool etc., etc.


**However, I cannot stress enough the importance of taking your chinchilla to the vets for professional treatment as soon as you feel the chinchilla may be unwell. Any delays in treatment can cost a chinchilla its life.**