Medicine Cabinet

first_aidI first wrote this article back in December 2002!!

I have divided this list into sections and have listed the items, where they can be sourced and what they are useful for. It is based on what I have in my kit at home - but those people with just a few chinnies will not need such a large kit - but I hope this list may help people to "pick and choose" what items may be useful.
However, I cannot stress highly enough that most problems will need professional treatment from a vet - and certain items are only available by veterinary prescription. A first aid kit is useful in emergencies - and if treating minor conditions - provided that the owner is certain they know what they are treating and only as a COMPLIMENT to professional veterinary care. All treatments have been tried and tested on my own chinchillas - with the full knowledge of my vet.
Milpar - chemists - useful for treating digestive conditions such as bloat (0.5ml 2-3 times daily)
Liquid Paraffin - chemists - for treating constipation (not to be confused with castor oil - which is harmful to chinchillas digestion) (as above but do not use for more than 2 days)
Syrup of Figs - chemists - for treating constipation (milder than liquid paraffin) (up to 1ml 2-3 times daily)
Paediatric Kaolin/kaogel - chemists/vets - for treating diarrhoea (as above)
Pro-biotics - vets or specialist suppliers - balances the intestinal flora
Golden Eye Drops - chemists - for treating minor infections (1 drop in eye twice daily)
Optrex - chemists - for flushing eyes and removing foreign bodies
Brolene - chemists - (as Golden Eye Drops)
Skin and Fur
Evening Primrose Oil - chemists/health food shops - excellent for a wide range of skin/fur problems - taken orally - 1 drop daily or applied to skin.
Baby Oil - chemists/supermarkets - excellent for treating "flaky ears" - just a tiny drop rubbed well into the ears!
Athletes Foot Powder - chemists - for treating possible fur-fungus conditions - add a tablespoon to sandbath only when needed
Lamasil - chemists - antifungal cream - may help with ringworm - but veterinary advice is essential
Hibiscrub - vets - use diluted for bathing wounds
Intra-Site Gel - chemists - applied to large open wounds to assist healing and form a protective barrier
Dermisol Cream - vets - an antiseptic cream also removes necrotic tissue
Hydrogen Peroxide - chemists - use to flush and clean wounds according to instructions ** ONLY USE DILUTED - UNDER VETERINARY RECOMMENDATION **
Iodine - vets/chemists - thoroughly cleans wounds, skin infections etc (stings though)
Purple Spray - farm stores - antiseptic spray useful for minor wounds
Wound Powder - farm stores - powder for minor wounds
Sudafed Liquid - chemists - suppresses mucus - (0.2ml per adult chin - twice a day)
Calpol 6+ - chemists - although a pain relief is very useful when treating colds too (100mg per kilo of body weight. Calpol 6+ contains 50mg per ml - i.e. an "average" chinchilla weighing 500g would only need 1ml of Calpol and a larger chinchilla weighing in at 1 Kilo (1000g) would require 2ml of Calpol. DO NOT EXCEED DOSE AND DO NOT GIVE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME
Pain Relief
Calpol 6+ - chemists - as above
Metacam - vets - excellent pain relief but prescription only.
Also in kit..
Loads of cotton wool and cotton buds - chemists - variety of uses
Carnation milk - shops - just in case need to hand-rear
Food replacement (i.e. Oxbow Critical Care or Supreme Science recovery) - vets/specialist suppliers - for feeding sick chins
Curved Scissors - vets - for trimming fur away from injuries or removing soiled fur - curved to prevent injury to chinchilla
Cohesive Bandage - chemists/vets - sticks to itself - not the chin
Vitamin B12 (Cytacon) - chemists/health food shops - stimulates the appetite and acts as a tonic (1ml once a day for three days)
Milton Fluid - chemists/supermarkets - used to sterilize pretty much anything from bowls, water bottles - to hand feeding equipment and syringes.
Dioralyte - chemists - rehydration treatment
Different sized syringes - vets - variety of uses
Pipettes - vets/specialist suppliers - for hand feeding